Maintenance of Traffic Supervisor, Capital Asphalt, Inc.

We are seeking a Maintenance Of Traffice Supervisor to become a part of our team!

Skilled Laborer to assist in coordinating traffic control & signalization during construction activities. Position involves installing and repairing traffic signals, erecting signs and devices including traffic islands and barriers.

•Supervises and maintains traffic within the limits of the project/projects for the duration of the construction period.
•Construct and maintain detours, whether full detours diverting public travels outside the project limits or half detours such as lane closures using flagging operations and/or pilot vehicle.

•Provide facility access for residences, businesses, etc., within the project at all times while maintaining standard index requirements.
•Orders project MOT devices from vendor and coordinates/installs prior to work commencement.
•Maintains traffic control and safety devices during construction of multiple activities, including operations that shift areas throughout the work period.
•Provides and other special requirements for safe and expeditious movement of traffic specified on the plans.

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