CEO Spotlight – Kim Williams, Marpan

Kim Williams Feb 24 2011 photoKim began his career at Marpan in 1968, a local business founded by his parents.  Over the course of the next 48 years, he has been heavily involved in the waste and recycling industry.  He became President of Marpan Supply in 1985 and directed growth of the company into energy-efficient lighting, container services, construction and demolition hauling (C & D), and recycling.

He is actively committed to the proper disposal and recycling of waste materials, and has expanded Marpan’s facilities and services to accommodate these needs in our area.  In 1993, he successfully lobbied the Florida Legislature to require recycling of mercury-containing fluorescent bulbs, and built the first fluorescent lamp recycling plant in Florida in 1994.  From 2005 to 2008, Marpan Recycling designed, built, and opened the first Class 3 Materials Recovery Facility in Florida, and in December of 2012 posted a 70.5% recycling rate.  In 2013, Marpan opened another recycling plant for residential and commercial single-stream recycling.

Since opening these facilities, they have developed processes to recover over 70 separate commodities from this waste stream, while keeping over 375 million pounds (and still counting) of recyclables out of the landfill.  They also remain committed to the goal presented by the Legislature to recycle 75% of waste by 2020.

In addition to his work at Marpan he has managed and developed two industrial parks in Tallahassee – Hamilton Park and Heritage at Commonwealth – and expanded a third, Commerce Industrial Park.

Kim is a dedicated member of the Chamber family, serving as a Board member and a past Chairman, as well as the 2006 recipient of the Godfrey Smith Past Chairs Award; he has also served as a Board member and chair for the Economic Development Council of Tallahassee / Leon County.

marpan_logoHe has also served on the boards of many other community organizations, including the Southside Business Association, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Tallahassee Housing Authority, and Goodwill Industries, the FSU Research Foundation Board, the FSU Coastal Research Lab, and Capital City Bank.

“I have had the opportunity as CEO of Marpan to chart a course that is good for our company while being good for our community,” Kim says of Marpan’s role with his company.  “I get to put my engineering hat on when designing our two recycling plants, I get to put my community supporter hat on when I serve on local boards and assist local non-profits, and I get to put my business student hat on when growing our business… to the 88 people we employ today.”

As a native of Tallahassee, he is committed to encouraging economic growth so that our children and graduates will be able to find an opportunity here, while maintaining our quality of life.  Kim and his wife Mayda have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.