“The Chamber plays a crucial role in local talent retention. We proudly handed the Tally Job Hop over to them in 2016, and we are pleased with the way they have developed it. The event has resulted in strong hires not only for Diverse Computing, but other local small businesses as well. It’s clear that the Chamber is committed to exposing students to all of the diverse opportunities that Tallahassee has to offer. And it’s programs like these that will ensure the continued growth and development of our city.”

Craig Gibbens
Diverse Computing

“As members of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Conference since 2010, CCYS has experienced a great deal of benefits and opportunities to expand our network and deepen our current relationships with our community partners. As a local non-profit we do business every day with local Tallahassee businesses like Kraft Nissan, Target Print & Mail, ABC WTXL, and many others, so we understand the importance of maintaining and building relationships. While we interact with the managers, staff, and owners of these businesses on a regular basis through email and phone, we rarely get to see them face-to-face throughout a busy day. The Chamber and the many events they host throughout the year including the Annual Conference, Professional Women’s Forum, and Business After Hours allow us to spend time one-one-one time with our partners. This time together in a casual atmosphere allows us to deepen our relationships with those that help make CCYS run smoothly. These interactions also allow businesses that support CCYS to get to know us better and ask more in-depth questions about what we do and how we do it so they can be assured that their support of CCYS is well invested. With the recent launch of CCYS’ new brand and logo over the past year, the Chamber has also been an invaluable resource that has helped CCYS quickly spread the word about the new brand and the services and programs that we offer to homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth. ”

Kevin Priest

“As Tallahassee’s oldest bakery, our company has lots of name recognition with a solid and loyal customer base. We advertise to make our business known to newcomers in the area, but we feel that our membership in the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce is a valuable part of doing business in Tallahassee. We have gained additional customers through our Chamber contacts and made many friends in the business community. Our membership in the Chamber has enabled us to meet and network with business people that we would not encounter in our usual day-to-day operations. This enables us to broaden our perspective on the nature of not only our business operations, but in being members of the general community of businesses that make up our city. In our many years of Chamber membership, we have been able to participate in conferences, workshops, seminars and other events that have helped our business to grow and improve through many connections with successful business people in all types of businesses. I would highly recommend membership in the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce regardless of business type whether retail, service or professional. Joining the Chamber will help you get involved and make connections that will improve your business and the community we live in. ”

Mark Cross
Tasty Pastry Bakery

“After being a growing performance improvement and instructional design company for over eight years, I decided a year and a half ago to join the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. It’s a decision I’m glad I made! I’ve made new and valuable connections through the networking provided by Professional Women’s Forum lunches, their Annual Breakfasts, the CEO forum, and their amazing annual Amelia Island Chamber conference. I’ve also benefited from being a member of one of the Chamber committees and working closely with other successful businesspersons. In addition, key Chamber staff have brokered introductions for me as needed to advance my business interests. As the result, I find I’ve developed increasingly close connections with influential community members and have gotten great business referrals that are paying off in tangible ways. I have nothing but good to say about the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. I hope you will consider joining us in building a better future for ourselves and our Tallahassee neighborhood. ”

Sue Ebbers
Change by Design

“Moving to Tallahassee, I knew that I wanted to be involved in the business community in a big way. Joining the Tallahassee Greater Chamber of Commerce was a smart move, especially when starting Sociallyloved and getting our name out there. There were so many opportunities to get our name out as a company, from sponsorships, Ambassadorship and member listings, to having people like Corrie Melton and Dana Noles, who connected us to people we should know. Many of the events I’ve attended have not only broadened my network but have also been educational and enlightening, inspiring me in business and in life. The people I have met through the Chamber have become vendors for Sociallyloved, clients, mentors and friends. I am encouraged every time I participate in any of the many wonderful programs that the Chamber offers, from Leads groups to the Annual Conference. To me, being a member of the Tallahassee Greater Chamber of Commerce is an easy and wise choice all around. ”

Kristine Dobosenski

“As a young cutting edge tech company, we did not know what to expect when joining the Chamber and wow were we surprised. From the excellent networking and mentoring opportunities in Leads groups, to introductions to local decisions makers, to opportunities in actively contributing in the Chamber’s future, we have been consistently amazed on the returns of our membership. We are always looking forward to continuing to invest in this relationship for the chance to advance our business, shape the Chamber, and take the regional business community to the next level.”

Bryan Gibson
i2x Solutions

“The Chamber has had a special place in our hearts since starting our business over 35 years ago. The places we lived, worked and played were the direct result of our Chamber involvement. Fast forward to Tallahassee, my husband and I find ourselves in a new city, new purpose, and mission to help others. The first place we turned to was the Chamber. It gave us an overview of what services are available, how our mission stacks up with other organizations and the loads of networking we've come to expect. There is no doubt that if we had not joined, Living Stones may have seen a different path for our children and families. Thanks to the Chamber for keeping up a great appearance while performing the awesome task of assisting your "local" businesses and organizations like Living Stones International.”

Josephine (JC) Gamboa-Montgomery
Living Stones International

“We originally joined the Chamber so we could develop relationships (customers and vendors) with other businesses in our community. We now purchase most of our goods and services from Chamber members. It really makes a difference when we know the people we do business with on a regular basis. To any prospective members: Join, get involved in Chamber functions and build your network. Put your heart into it, because you will receive back rewards, equal to, or more than what you put in.”

Gregg Patterson
Innovative Management Services

“The Chamber has allowed me to tap into the knowledge base of some of the leading business minds of Tallahassee. Most young businesses incorrectly focus their membership on the amount of sales they get; the wealth of the Chamber lies in the friendships and mentors you gain. This will help grow your business in ways you can’t imagine.”

Brian Sealey
Sealey Team Property Management

“Cayer Behavioral Group is thrilled to be a part of the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. We are hopeful this opportunity will bring an awareness of autism to other Chamber members and the wonderful family's we serve in our beautiful city.”

Krista Cayer
Cayer Behavioral Health

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