Helfand Brings Decades of Legal Experience to Tallahassee’s Promise Zone

The Legal Aid Foundation of Tallahassee is thrilled to announce the hiring of Leonard Helfand as its new Promise Zone Staff Attorney. Helfand brings a half century of legal experience in the areas of dependency, family, labor and employment, housing and landlord-tenant, consumer, disability, civil rights and administrative law. He has extensive experience in arbitration, mediation, trial practice and appeals. He has served as Special Magistrate for the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission. His decades of experience also include a foray into politics as Former City Commissioner & Vice-Mayor of the City of North Miami Beach, Florida. He spent several years in the early part of his career at Legal Services of Greater Miami, and thus it is only fitting that he come full circle to focus on legal aid work at this stage of his career.

Mr. Helfand is the recipient of numerous awards: the Mediation Award of Appreciation from the Florida Supreme Court Dispute Resolution Center in 2017; the Guardian Ad Litem Advocacy Award in 2016; and the Humanitarian Award from the North Miami Beach Latin Affairs Commission.

Mr. Helfand was born and grew up in Brooklyn, moved to Miami to attend the University of Miami School of Law and practiced law in Miami until he assumed the General Counsel position for the Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities in Tallahassee in 1993. He has three children and two grandchildren who reside in North Florida.