Green Business Of The Year Offers PaintingDiscount

Our company has received recognition from the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce this year for being the ‘Green Business of the Year!’ This award is a huge blessing for our company and has come after many hours and days of learning how to be as ‘Green’ as possible and still serve our clients needs with a long lasting and durable finish to our projects. I am very excited to have been recognized in this way and would like to celebrate by offering a discount to past and future clients of 20% off all interior painting labor jobs and free pressure washing to everyone who would like to do at least $1000 of interior or exterior painting. If we painted the exterior of your home last year I offer a gentle reminder homes need to be maintained by washing them every year to two years to get the maximum life out of your paint job. Vinegar can be used instead of chlorine if it is washed before mildew start to grow. We want to maintain our “Green” status in the painting business, maintain your home and sustain the environment.