Fiore Communications Acquires

Fiore Communications, a Tallahassee-based content marketing firm, has announced the acquisition of, a third-party testimonial company that uses innovative technology to manage and feed customer comments directly to client websites.

Trusteria was the brainchild of local entrepreneur Mike Campbell, who wanted a way for companies to interact with current and past customers through the collection of testimonials. “It started as a way to reconnect with customers, but it quickly evolved into a feed service that automated the process,” Campbell said. “The real value became the ability to update your website with your newest comments without doing a thing. Busy business owners appreciate the convenience and power of letting their customers help market their business through their experiences.”

The addition of web-based testimonials is a natural fit for Fiore Communications, according to President and Owner Dave Fiore. Founded in 2001, Fiore Communications provides clients with a full range of content-based services, including publication management, email newsletters, social media content, blog posts, search engine optimization and web content.

“As a content marketing firm, we focus on crafting clear messages for our clients to communicate with their customers, members or other target audiences, and then giving them effective ways to deliver those messages,” Fiore said. “A testimonial is an incredibly valuable piece of user-generated content that helps tell that company’s story. And because it is delivered through a third-party, its credibility and value are enhanced.”

The company is planning to integrate the feed service into its product offerings, but will maintain the Trusteria brand, at least for now. “I am very excited about having Trusteria under the Fiore umbrella, and look forward to working with the great companies that currently use the service,” Fiore said. “In the future I hope to expand the scope of the feed service and offer our customers even more options to communicate effectively and grow their business.”

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