Strategic Storytelling for Social Impact Workshop

Where is storytelling going next? How do you deliver your message in this new digital environment? How do you measure the success of content in an Eyeball Economy? Empower your storytelling to be personal, powerful and drive your mission forward across multiple platforms, and walk away with tangible tools that you can apply to your current work and continue to leverage in the future at INIE’s Strategic Storytelling for Social Impact Workshop with presenter Maureen Isern.

With a compiled 18 years of documentary, news, digital, tv, nonprofit and brand storytelling background, Maureen Isern, Founder of MOPED Productions, c/o’00 FSU/FAMU alumni and former WCTV6 Tallahasee/Thomasville Reporter and Weekend Anchor, sheds light on how our personal mission can drive our social impact, discusses current trends and the future of storytelling in the social impact space, as well as provides tangible tools and references for successful storytelling today.

This workshop is FREE for all participants!

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