Food & Flight: Vision Boarding with Kristie Kennedy

Put your business goals in flight with personal development and wellness expert, Kristie Kennedy. Fill your belly with a delicious in-flight meal, while you learn to soar your business to new heights. Located at the CoLab @ The Pod.


-Vision boarding; one of the most effective visualization tools. This mind sharpening exercise is designed to shift your focus from what is, to what CAN be!
-Confidence and clarity keys to create anything and discover the art of magnificent manifestation
-The self-limiting beliefs that we each encounter that have the potential to stunt our growth. The vision board allows us to re-program our subconscious mind for success. Where there is no vision there is certainly no victory!
-Cultivating a lifestyle of dwelling in limitless possibilities. The ability to see is only the beginning of winning. To consistently evolve it takes an unwavering internal resolve.


-Your laptop (required)
-Your smart phone (if you have one)
-Your tablet (if you have one)
-Your current usernames and passwords for existing applicable accounts.


-A two hour workshop
-A delicious spread
-Free hot coffee and tea
-An opportunity to network with business owners
-Knowledge on ways to propel your business forward

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