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Red Cross Sets Up A Host Shelter For Hurricane Isaac Evacuees

The American Red Cross has set up a host shelter for Hurricane Isaac evacuees leaving the affected area along Interstate 10. The host shelter will be located at: East Brent Baptist Church 4801 North Davis Highway Pensacola, FL  32503 A new, helpful preparedness tool is the free Red Cross Hurricane App which puts real-time, hurricane […]

Upcoming Annual Meeting To Highlight Past, Present and Future Chairmen

I wanted to first take this opportunity to thank all of those who helped make the 2012 Annual Chamber Conference a great success. It is always a pleasure to see so many of our members in one room with Tallahassee’s Business and Community leaders. As this fiscal year comes to an end, we are excited […]

2012 Annual Conference Presentations Available

John Doggett discussed ways our region can continue to be competitive, where our growth areas will be in the future as well as ways Tallahassee can be creative with our economy and public/private partnerships. Kim Lear’s interactive presentation discussed the four generations currently in the workplace, how to recognize the stereotypes that prevent us from […]

Tallahassee Chamber Endorses Continuation of Half-Penny Tax for Schools

~ Proposal is Best Way to Ensure Quality Education for Leon County’s Children ~ Acting decisively to build the best possible future for Leon County’s children, the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce today endorsed a proposal to extend the half-penny sales tax for Leon County Schools. “After […]

Chamber is Key to Small Business Success

Chamber Chairman Bill Moor Small business is the heart of the American economy. It’s true in big cities and small towns, and it’s certainly true in Florida’s capital city. According to the Small Business Administration, there are 22.9 million small businesses in the U.S., located in virtually every neighborhood, creating 75 percent of the net […]

Town & Gown Tallahassee: Town Hall Meeting Video Available

Town and Gown (TAG) Tallahassee conducted their fifth in a series of best practices forums in town and gown relationships – drawing on the best ideas from across the country. The forums was held at the City of Tallahassee Commission chambers, on Thursday, March 22, at 7:00 p.m., representatives from the City of East Lansing […]

Incentives Life-Cycles

Guest Blogger: Margo Thomas, Marlynn Consulting Group, LLC In order to successfully navigate the economic incentives process, you must first understand the different phases associated with the economic incentive project. Phase #1 – Incentive Interest & Research During this stage, the following activities are undertaken by a business: Recognizes the need to expand or relocate; […]

Tallahassee Street Map Advertising Opportunity

The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce is pleased to once again be working with the cartographic and marketing firm of Target Marketing Inc. to publish a new, up-to-date, full-color Tallahassee Street Map and Resource Guide. This publication will be the only official map endorsed and distributed by the Chamber. Accurate, user-friendly maps are a popular […]

Chamber President Sue Dick Discusses Tennessee Street Pilot Program

The Chamber held a meeting of interested businesses to discuss the proposed pilot program on Tennessee Street. Mrs. Dick will be joined by Chamber Committee member Rick Moore. Tennessee St – Tall Chamber 030212 Read more:

Business, Education Leaders To Review Need for Extension Of Half-Cent Sales Tax for Schools

Chamber Chairman Bill Moor and President Sue Dick announced that Tallahassee Community College President Jim Murdaugh will chair the Capital Improvements Review Team (CIRT) process on behalf of the Chamber and the local business community. Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons asked the Chamber to review the school district’s recommendations for how the resources would […]

Chamber Addressing “West Tennessee Transit Pilot Project”

On behalf of the business community, the Chamber’s Growth Management and Governmental Affairs Committees are addressing an initiative known as “Moving Tallahassee – Cars Optional.” This initiative is a pending proposal to implement a pilot program involving the conversion of the outside lanes of Tennessee Street, between Monroe and Ocala, from vehicle travel lanes to […]

Timing Is Important For QTI Claims

Over the years, businesses have inquired about the economic incentive compliance process. In this blog post, I wanted to provide you with a list of important dates and timelines associated with the Claims or Payment Process of Florida’s economic incentive programs, like QTI. Important Dates/Timelines QTI Claim Process October / November Business Receives Claim Application […]

Tax Planning On The Move

Guest Blogger: Adam Watson, Watson & Associates, PA, CPAs This year marks my tenth year in the field of public accounting. As with many professionals leaving college, I quickly learned how little my schooling had to do with the real world. This is especially true in the field of tax planning and preparation. We are […]

Why Wouldn’t You Want To Hit Your QTI Target On the First Try?

Guest blogger: Margo Thomas, owner, Marlynn Consulting The other day, while driving home from a doctor’s appointment, I noticed a gentleman shooting arrows at a target. It was amazing to see that he didn’t have any trouble hitting his mark, even from a far distance. His ability to successfully hit his target probably came from […]

Chamber Board Members Playing Crucial Role In Leon County One Cent Sales Tax Committee

When voters passed the one-cent sales tax born from Blueprint 2000, an assembly of citizens envisioned major construction projects needed to improve Tallahassee’s infrastructure. That money helped pay for more lanes on Capital Circle Southeast and Capital Circle Northwest. And the Cascades Connector Bridge, Cascades Trail and a flood-relief project for Franklin Boulevard are all […]

Chamber Provides Feedback On Proposed Revisions to Sign Ordinance

The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce was asked by the City of Tallahassee to attend the August 17, 2011, Open House on the Proposed Revisions to Sign Ordinance  (Ordinance No. 11-O-14) to provide comments and input to the proposed changes. Chamber representatives and members attended the event and discussed possible recommendations with City staff. In addition, […]

Common Mistakes Companies Make With Their Incentive Projects

Guest blogger: Margo Thomas, owner, Marlynn Consulting Thousands of Florida’s businesses participate in economic development incentive programs. Many of these businesses succeed in proving to the State that they have met their incentive project commitments and are eligible to receive their scheduled payments (reimbursements, credits, refunds, etc.). However, the reality is that many businesses do […]

Why Your Haphazard Approach To Marketing Is Hazardous To Your Health

Guest Blogger: Stacey Getz, APR, Taproot Creative “Where do you want to go today?” That was the slogan Microsoft used in its first global image advertising campaign. Too bad it’s also become the way many so businesses and organizations run their marketing and communications programs. You know — a quarter-page ad here, a Twitter post […]

Why Wouldn’t You Take Advantage of Florida’s Training Grants?

Guest Blogger: Margo Thomas, owner of Marlynn Consulting Did you know that training your team may result in increased revenue? The State of Florida provides assistance for businesses to train their employees through its Workforce Training Grants. Why you ask? Not only does training your team benefit your business, it also improves the workforce skills […]

Hey Employees, Maximize Your Tax Savings

Guest Blogger: Adam Watson, Watson & Associates, PA, CPAs It may be hard to believe, but 2011 is already half over.  By now, most people have filed their taxes for 2010, and many of those people won’t think about taxes again until early next year.  However, now is the perfect time to review your situation […]

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