CEO Spotlight – Winston Howell CPA, Thomas Howell Ferguson PA CPAs

Winston Howell - KM headshot cropped 3I have the privilege of serving as our Managing Director, or as some might say, as President/CEO. I’ve been in this role since 2002, and had the opportunity to work under John Perry Thomas for more than 15 years before being named Managing Director.  My role is a lot of fun, is fast paced, and is ever-changing each day.  My biggest thrill is seeing our team members serve our clients and taking personal pride by providing incredible cutting edge solutions. Our team is making investments in our communities, giving back and making a difference, having families, and building relationships.  My days are never dull but are filled with a lot of opportunities to be involved with others.

My wife and I moved to Tallahassee in December 1980, because she told me, “We are moving to Tallahassee.” For the record, I wanted to move to Pensacola.  My hometown is Marianna, and as my wife Yvonne will tell you,  she’s from the resort community of Carrabelle (she’s a lot more fun and creative than I am!).  Now, 36 years later, Tallahassee is HOME.  It’s been incredible being a part of Tallahassee’s growth and transformation and having relationships with other community leaders who have vision, faith, and a commitment to our community.  We love everything about Tallahassee and believe it has everything most anyone would want to look for in a place they would call home.

2014-3-28_THF_LogoThomas Howell Ferguson, Is a traditional and yet a non-traditional accounting firm.  We’re traditional in the sense that some of our core services include auditing, accounting, tax preparation, and consulting. However, we’re non-traditional with our approach to providing solutions and our commitment to the use of technology. Additionally, our team members possess advanced training and critical thinking skills and our firm has relationships with both RSM Worldwide and CPAmerica. These additional relationships provide our clients with global reach, international resources, and advanced depth regarding technical issues.