CEO Spotlight – Talquin Electric Cooperative

Possessing a history steeped in years of tradition, Talquin Electric Cooperative is as much committed to quality and service today as it was 75 years ago.  Conceived in the era of the Great Depression, Talquin Electric was born during the time of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who saw the need to bring electricity to rural communities. Under the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), a group of 200 dedicated Gadsden County residents banded together to form the Cooperative in June 1940.  With headquarters located in Quincy, the Cooperative expanded into Liberty, Leon, and Wakulla Counties, eventually providing electric service to approximately 53,000 homes and businesses.  In the late 1960s, Talquin further expanded by including the provision of water and wastewater services to its Members, being one of the first electric Cooperatives to do so.

Today, Talquin serves an area that spans from Florida’s Gulf Coast to the Georgia state line.  With a firm belief in a commitment to quality, Talquin operates under seven core principles:  (1) Voluntary and Open Membership; (2) Democratic Member Control; (3) Member’s Economic Participation; (4) Autonomy and Independence; (5) Education, Training, and Information; (6) Cooperation among Cooperatives; and (7) Concern for Community.  Talquin’s philosophy is to always serve our Members better.  Our goal is to provide Members with safe, reliable, and efficient services. To become a Member of Talquin still costs $5.00 to join today, just as it did back then.  Simply put, we exist to power communities and empower Members to improve the quality of their lives.

Talquin Electric Cooperative has a vested interest in the economic health of our community.  This concern is reflected in our active memberships on economic development boards and chamber of commerce councils; our patronage of local businesses; our partnerships with local workforce development entities; our volunteer efforts in our local communities; and through our donations and sponsorships to local charitable and fundraising events.  We are actively involved in various local civic groups, such as Kiwanis, Rotary, and Optimist organizations.  Talquin also contributes to the economic health of our community through our annual return of capital credits to our Members.  Returning approximately $3 million each year to our Members, this money is typically reinvested back into our local economy through member support of local businesses.

Additionally, Talquin enjoys sponsoring local elementary, middle and high school athletic teams and academic programs; donating to our community senior citizen homes; assisting in the improvement of childhood literacy; and participating in community charity events.  In an effort to continuously live by our guiding principles, each year we sponsor four high school juniors in an educational experience called the NRECA Youth Tour.  These students are joined in Washington, DC, by over one thousand other students from around the country as they learn about the democratic process, its effect on them, and their influence on the process.  In elementary and middle schools, we provide class presentations on safety around electricity, energy efficiency, and how power gets to their homes. We also assist local schools by participating in science fairs and through our involvement in school safety days.  On a collegiate level, we partner with local colleges and universities to utilize interns in different Talquin departments as they work toward their degrees.

As recently demonstrated following Hurricane Hermine, another important way Talquin impacts our community is through our disaster preparedness and restoration efforts.  Electricity, water, and wastewater services are the lifeblood of a healthy, functional community. At Talquin, we take great pride in notifying our members of critical emergency preparedness information and restoring their services efficiently following major outage-causing events.

Our commitment to our Members is evident in all aspects of our work.  From our open communication with our Members to our many Member activities, Members are able to have a true sense of cooperative ownership.  Some of the many ways our Members can be involved with the Cooperative include:  participating in feedback surveys; engaging in our social media campaigns; taking advantage of energy and solar audits; and participating in our Annual Membership Meeting.  Talquin continuously works hard to improve service reliability for our Members and keep them informed in a quick and efficient manner.  Through these multiple measures geared toward success, we hope that Talquin will continue to exceed our members’ expectations!

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