CEO Spotlight – Jeremy Matlow, Gaines Street Pies

Jeremy Matlow is a managing partner and founder of Gaines Street Pies, Midtown Pies, Northside Pies, Warhorse Whiskey Bar and The Wilbury, a parent to a wonderful two year old and husband to his beautiful wife, Sarah. Past companies include Olde Fields Clothing Co. and Merch Revolt Band Merchandising. Jeremy’s passions include creating cool, unique brands and engaging with the community on charitable and artistic projects. His latest project, as a member of the Gaines Street Community Association, is “The Souk – Sunday’s on Gaines”, a weekly event which invites over 100 vendors, local musicians and people from all over Tallahassee to come to the area, eat brunch and enjoy what Gaines Street has to offer.

With just a few thousand dollars in capital Jeremy, along with his business partner, Ryan Smith, turned to the CRA and the Tallahassee community with a crowdsourcing campaign to get their doors open. Since then the company has launched a new location or brand every year for four consecutive years.

Growing up on the Southside of Tallahassee, Jeremy is a huge proponent of organizers and groups that assist at-risk and homeless youth. Gaines Street Pies conducts an annual fundraiser for CCYS’s Going Places Street Outreach Program and this year launched a crowd funding campaign to help The Project Bridge, which offers services to children with a parent that is incarcerated.

Keep an eye out to see what Jeremy Matlow and company dream up next!

For more information on Gaines Street Pies, click HERE.