CEO Spotlight – George Smith, Smith Bruer Advisors

Smith Bruer george-smithAdvisors was created to fill a void in the Tallahassee financial services community. Our philosophy and culture were born out of personal and professional experiences and a simple conviction: individuals and organizations are routinely sold products they don’t need and don’t understand and something had to be done to change that. We drive that change by empowering individuals and companies to make decisions through a transparent financial planning and investment process.

Smith Bruer Advisors changed the Tallahassee landscape by establishing a fee-only financial planning firm that is built on the foundation of the fiduciary standard which mandates duty of loyalty to the client. We believe in the value of evidence-based investing which is supported by decades of academic research. Our advice is based on the empirical not the anecdotal. Our investment and corporate philosophies are rooted in the experience of our diverse backgrounds and the desire to make financial planning and investing a better experience. We bring into focus the fundamentals that truly matter and silence the distractions frequently encountered by clients who simply want what is best for them, their family or if they’re an employer, their company and employees.

My partner, Rene Bruer, and I began working together in 2008 at our prior firm not knowing what the future would hold. During the financial crisis we worked side-by-side as peers doing what we could to bring encouragement to our clients; little did we know how transformative that time would be. As our friendship developed, the realization of our shared goals, beliefs and ideas came to light. It did not take long to see that to serve our clients properly we had to be independent of politics, undue influence and conflicting priorities. Today, we are positioned to grow in a changing regulatory environment while never having to compromise our values and our clients’ well-being. In 2015, we were fortunate to be joined by Steve Hiraga who shares our philosophy and passion for creating a better investment experience. Steve serves as an advisor and as Chief Compliance Officer.

Looking ahead, our firm strives to remain teachable, transparent and committed to the client. We cultivate a culture and environment where other advisors want to work and where clients see a new perspective on achieving their goals. Rene, Steve and I don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about bringing a bold and fresh perspective to contrast with “business as usual.”

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