CEO Spotlight – Chantelle Yandow, AXIOS Salt Spa + Juice Bar

AXIOS was founded in 2013 to provide natural and holistic health care treatments that teach people how to live healthy and balanced lives. Since then, Tallahassee’s only dry salt spa has become a welcoming space where people can allow their bodies to naturally heal themselves whenever possible.

Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, naturally cleans and detoxifies your skin and lungs. It has many healing properties, from relieving the symptoms and slowing the progression of chronic skin and respiratory issues to cleansing the body after an illness. It can also help alleviate allergies – something everyone in Tallahassee can appreciate!

The halotherapy services are only part of what AXIOS has to offer; the organic juice bar offers juices and smoothies made fresh to order with healing ingredients customized to your wellness goals. Massage therapy, skin care services and products from the exclusive Eminence Organic Skin Care line round out the suite of offerings to promote health, wellness and balance.

Owner Chantelle Yandow believes healing happens within communities and through supporting each other, and her vision is for AXIOS to serve as an urban sanctuary for Tallahassee residents and guests.

Giving back and helping people have been top priorities for Chantelle since childhood, ultimately leading her to massage therapy school. When she started studying massage therapy, Chantelle was struggling with chronic pain and an unhealthy lifestyle. While at the school, she learned to take better care of herself; it was hard to take care of people and teach them about healthy living when she wasn’t willing to make the same changes herself.

At AXIOS, Chantelle most enjoys helping people reach their goals, especially athletes who have so many physical demands on their bodies. She also enjoys teaching people about the value of good nutrition; she knows that if you’re not putting good things into your body, the exertion of working out is often wasted.

A true Midtown treasure, AXIOS (and Chantelle!) welcomes you to start your own journey toward health, wellness and balance. Your body – and newly found peace of mind – will thank you!