CEO Spotlight – Bill Oliver, OliverSperry Renovation

Defining what we do is actually pretty simple:  we are commercial renovators.  We take old space and make it new.  We take potential and make it reality.  We help you create an environment that makes a statement about who you are as a company or organization.  And we do it on time and on budget with exceedingly high standards for workmanship and professionalism.

OliverSperry Renovation Logo webWe build towards the future.  We build relationships before we build buildings.  We have made our name in the field by fusing our client’s passions for their business with ours for construction.  We focus on our customer’s vision before the immediacy of a new building or renovation.  In order for success, we understand that the project must make sense today, tomorrow and years to come.

Any phase of planning for a project must start with a conversation.  Many potential clients come to us with only a vague idea of what they want to do with their space.  Or, they may be considering an available space and want to discuss the possibilities.  We have options and can help you with your vision.  We are masters at expanding existing buildings and building new ones.  At OliverSperry Renovation, we can help you work through all available options, as well as evaluate the potential of a building or office you envision as your next business home.

We accomplish this through four primary services:

  • CONSTRUCTION: With nearly 50 years of renovation and construction and carpentry experience, we understand that every project is unique and deserves a specialized approach. We take great lengths to work around the owner’s schedule.  Our communication through construction is always our main priority and we understand the importance of business.  If the construction process needs to be handled while the business remains open, or as we like to call it “during occupancy,” we are well equipped and can do so without problem.  We have completed countless successful occupied renovations.  Our flexibility with schedule allows owners to focus on what they do best, while we do the same.  By providing progress reports throughout construction, we ensure satisfaction by allowing the owners to stay informed and up-to-date with the entire construction process from start to finish.  Our guaranteed 6-month and 12-month walk-throughs cover the warranty period which furthers our promise of quality.
  • FEASIBILITY STUDIES: Our feasibility studies allow customers to make better-educated decisions about what to do with their space. We provide custom preliminary interior and exterior designs, elevations and site plans, including information on building code reviews, potential land-use issues, cost projections and project budgets.  In other words, you will get the whole story up front.  Feasibility studies are an economical solution to help determine the path of a project, while providing a workable plan as well as predictability for building codes and cost.  It is a service we offer customers before they make a significant investment.
  • CONCEPTUAL DESIGN: Often included as part of the feasibility study, the conceptual design process allows us to fully understand our customers’ needs for their business and develop a custom design to meet those needs. In a conceptual design, we utilize our architects and interior designers to propose aesthetic changes to the exterior and interior of the building to improve its look and value.  It also includes a building inspection to ensure you have all the facts about the building before moving forward.
  • BUILDING ASSESSMENT AND RENOVATIONS: No matter how good a building looks, there are too often unpleasant surprises lurking beneath the surface. At OliverSperry Renovation and Construction, we are state certified building inspectors, qualified to check for mold, mildew and lead paint.  We also provide asbestos testing and remediation or removal of environmentally threatening materials, so you know it is done right.

Bill OliverMy Partner Todd Sperry and I have been friends ever since High School.  At the time of OliverSperry’s birth in 2007, I was a master at renovation and decided to create a company to claim that spot in the market and fill the void.

OliverSperry Renovation and Construction Inc. was established as a corporation in 2007.  The first employee was hired four months after the company opened, and we currently have a staff of 24 employees with an annual volume of between $10 – $15 million and growing.  OliverSperry has developed a highly skilled & efficient team that focuses on the details of customer service, packed with the expertise and knowledge in Construction, Renovation, Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, and Building Assessment.  The staff has more than 100 years of construction and State of Florida contract experience and offers a dedicated group for design/build, construction management, new construction and renovation needs.

Bill Oliver currently serves as the Board Director for Tallahassee State Bank, a member of Tallahassee Community College’s Advisory Board, is the past Chair for Habitat for Humanity and is currently now serving as a board member, and is the Chair of the Building Committee for Habitat for Humanity.

As President and a Project Manager/Project Executive at times, Bill provides leadership and oversight for the day-to-day operations for all Sales, Business Development, Construction, Project Management and Project Administration activities at OliverSperry Renovation.

Bill’s father was a Navy fighter pilot that constantly renovated their homes each time they moved to a new area.  He realized early that he loved working with tools and building projects with his father using his hands.

He started his career in construction as a trim carpenter and has served clients in the greater Tallahassee area in a number of capacities, from superintendent, project manager, senior project manager, project executive, and sales associate.   His knowledge of the process and attention to detail gives clients great confidence in his judgments throughout the project.  As president, Bill is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the job from estimating to sales to completion.  During his 31 years of construction management experience, he has led the construction of many K-12 and University projects in North Florida as well as numerous other commercial Construction Management projects including offices, retail, industrial, multi family housing and financial institutions throughout Florida.

Working here has always been easy.  Do what you say you’re going to do, treat people with respect and compassion and you’ll have repeat customers and continual referrals.  Tallahassee is small enough that reputation matters but large enough to support a good sized business.  I like the entrepreneur spirit and can do attitude that abounds here.

My parents brought me here for my father to build a home for family while my mother and sister attended FSU.  He also wanted to start a business supporting local builders and Tallahassee offered the perfect environment.

I’ve always loved the outdoors and being on the water.  We have fantastic weather and experience all four seasons.  After living near the coast of South Carolina, in a California valley, the Louisiana bayou and big City of New Orleans in my youth then spending the last 3 years of high school in Tallahassee, I saw what I liked to do outside available right here and the surrounding areas.  Since I attended High School here and spent lots of time with my educated mother and father I knew Tallahassee would be a great place to have a family and raise kids after meeting my wife.  With good schools and family friendly activities for us to participate in, this was a slam dunk.  I love the environment and Geographic location, home town feel, and the tons of sports to watch and participate in.

Moving here and then starting my business were some of the best decisions I’ve made.  Moving or starting a business is tough so why not do it where you have support and a friendly environment.  I’ve done work for many new and expanding business here.  Most have been very successful.  I think the reasons are investing in the community along with providing good services and products.