Altrua Announces the 2017 Hometown Hero Award to Tina Reason with Sacred Soil

Since the early 1990’s, Altrua and its employees have provided support and fundraising efforts for local charities. In 2015 Altrua partnered with Vet Events Tally and the Veteran’s Day Parade. As part of this event, Altrua created the Hometown Hero Award as way to recognize and honor a local hero who exemplifies the courage and sacrifice given to our country by their selfless duty. Again this year, at the Veteran’s Day Parade, Altrua announced its 3rd annual Altrua Hometown Hero.

Meet Tina Reason!

Tina knows firsthand that military life is unique, not just for the service man or woman but also for their families. Her Father served 26 years in the Army and her own son is a sergeant in the Marines. Tina believes that anyone who raises a hand, takes an oath and signs their name to defend our country deserves respect and attention so they can succeed after their military life ends. She has dedicated her life to helping veterans and their families through her work with the Sacred Soil Project for Veterans (SSPV), a non-profit organization committed to providing a wide range of support to our homeless or at-risk veterans.

Since its inception, Sacred Soil has stopped eleven suicides, moved 21 people into permanent housing, and fed hundreds of people. The group works with 211, Second Harvest, Farm Share and other community resources. In addition to the personal assistance the group provides, they also organize special events and fundraisers to assist Veterans and their families.

Tina’s primary goal is to identify what is happening with our veterans and what is impeding their ability to succeed and to help them get the support they need. Whether it is housing, food, furniture, clothing, gas cards, or legal assistance— there is no hurdle she will not jump to lend support to these individuals and their families.

Congratulations Tina Reason as Altrua’s 2017 Hometown Hero! And thank you to our business partners who contributed to this event.

Altrua was founded in August 1979 by Mike and Donna Kay Floyd. The name Altrua was a God-given name derived from Altruistic – meaning without selfish motivation for gain. From inception, Altrua’s goal has been to be a profitable blessing to our team, their families, our clients, vendors and our community. In 2010, the Floyd’s daughter, Melode and her husband Skip purchased Altrua and took over management of the company. Over the past 25 years, the company has grown from a small operation with three employees, five computers and one printer to a full-production marketing promotional firm with a 50,000 square foot production facility. Altrua would like to The key to Altrua’s growth over the years is the wonderful, amazing, dedicated team that has the passion to give 110% to everything they do.