Aegis Announces #Aegis1812 – An Awareness Initiative for Not For Profits

The North Florida Community is home to many not for profits and charitable organizations and Aegis has had the honor and privilege to work with some of these entities. Our team has supported not only the technology for some of these organizations, but has also participated in sponsorships, volunteer work, board service and consulting. “To have a small part in the noble missions of these various entities makes the work day all the better and hopefully when it’s all said and done, we will have made a difference in some way” says Aegis CEO, Blake Dowling. To further this mission Aegis announces the #Aegis1812 Campaign. For the year 2018, during each of the 12 months, Aegis will feature a not for profit partner to raise awareness in regard to the work they do in our community and beyond. Each month will start with a profile of one of these organizations in the Aegis Periodiko (newsletter) and will be followed up by regular social posts on various platforms throughout the month.

For January the #Aegis1812 partner of the month is: Lighthouse of the Big Bend. Lighthouse of the Big Bend works with individuals who are visually impaired and blind. They serve babies to seniors in our eleven-county big bend area. Lighthouse of the Big Bend’s services are to assist individuals seeking to be independent or maintain their independence after losing vision. They are assisting individuals through direct services, community engagement, and education. “I had the chance to volunteer with Kim and the Lighthouse team last year and I hope everyone who reads this checks out their good work”, says Blake Dowling. Next month’s featured partner will be Refuge House! Stay tuned for more info.

Why the name #Aegis1812? The War of 1812 was followed by a glowing period of national pride in our young country, the Star Spangle Banner was penned by Frances Scott Key among other noteworthy items all featured in the book, Andrew Jackson and the miracle of New Orleans by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger which I dove into over the Christmas break. And because it’s 2018, and 12 months.