CEO Spotlight – Mark McNees, RedEye Coffee

mark-mcneesMark McNees (DMin, George Fox University) is an international speaker on social entrepreneurship, non-profit innovation, and organizational culture. He is the founder and President/CEO of RedEye Coffee, a recognized social enterprise for excellence and innovation, winning prestigious awards, such as Emerging Business of the Year (Chamber of Commerce), Best of Tallahassee (Tallahassee Magazine), the winner of the Tally Awards in multiple categories, and Chamber of Commerce finalist for Best Local Business. He is also the Founding Pastor of Element3 Church located in Tallahassee, Florida, credited by Tallahassee Magazine as “the church that changed religion in Tallahassee.”

In addition to Mark’s commitment to being a board member of Element3 Ministries, RedEye Global Outreach and The Chamber of Commerce, Mark joined the DeVoe Moore Center at Florida State University as the Director of Social Entrepreneurship in August 2016 after teaching a senior seminar in social entrepreneurship as an adjunct faculty member.

Mark brings a wide range of executive management experience from the for-profit and non-profit sectors to his position at FSU, where he mentors undergraduate students and other social entrepreneurs, coordinates and supervises internships with FSU Social Entrepreneurs in Residence, and provides curriculum support to the new Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship. Mark believes Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a solution to many of the current global crises such as poverty, income inequality, and environmental neglect.

He is also an author two books: Immersion: Live the Life God Envisioned for You, and The Six Symbols of the Gospel: The Whole Story of God’s Redemptive Love. He is also working on a soon-to-be-published book called, Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation: The complete guide to making the world a better place through your work.

He credits his degrees in business and theology, as well as his international and domestic entrepreneurial experience as the foundation he uses to inform his passion to make the world a better place. Both his education and professional experiences in the marketplace and non-profit world prepared him to found and lead several social entrepreneurial and innovation endeavors.

People often comment on Mark’s energy, passion for life, and investment in others. He credits his abundant energy to living a healthy lifestyle. Mark frequently uses illustrations from his experiences such as: competing in Ironman Triathlons, his contribution to starting a non-profit fitness studio, and founding a community supported non-profit cycling team that won USA Cycling’s award for Best New Team in the Nation in 2014. His passion is fueled by th2016_redeye_logo_with-slogan-light-backgrounde beliefs that we live in the greatest entrepreneurial period in history and that the world is now wide open for anyone who is brave enough to act on their creativity, vision, and passion.

Mark is also a proud father of his two children and loving husband to his wife of 24 years. Mark can be usually found enjoying a Nitro Brew at a RedEye Coffee shop with a friend discussing compelling visions for the future that instills passion and action.